Kiwi English School|春日井市のキーウィ英会話スクール

Koru Class:コルクラス(2歳児)年少前

Koru Class:コルクラス (2歳児)
第1期生 受け入れ: 2018年4月 (2018年4月以前に2歳になるお子様. 4月以降に2歳になられるお子様も、欠員がある場合は2歳の誕生日を 迎えられた後に 入学していただけます。

コルはまだ展開しきらない渦巻き状の銀シダの新芽をさすマオリ語です。それはマオリ(ニュージーランドの在来の人々)文化には不可欠なシンボルです。コルは新しい生活、成長、勇気と平和を象徴するので プレ年少クラス(2-3歳のグループ)に選び、プレスクールの最初の年に様々な事を学ぶ上で、コルクラスが大きな銀シダの葉のように成長する事を期待して名付けました。

9:00-12:15 Half-day or 9:00-14:00 Full-day

1st ADMISSION: APRIL 2018 (Children who are currently or turning 2 before April 2018. If places are available, children can join after their second birthday at anytime).

The koru in Maori is a spiral shape based on the shape of a new curled silver fern frond. It is an integral symbol in Maori (the traditional people of NZ) culture. The koru has been chosen to represent the pre nen-sho level (2-3 year old age group) as it symbolises new life, growth, strength and peace. It is hoped that through the learning of many things in the first year of preschool that Koru Class children will be able to grow into tall silver ferns. Children who have turned 2 years old can join this class anytime during the year if places are available.

9:00-12:15 Half-day or 9:00-14:00 Full-day
3days a week(Mon,Tues,Thurs)

Silver Fern Class:ファーンクラス(年少)

Silver Fern Class:ファーンクラス(年少)
OPENING: 2019年4月
月曜日から金曜日 8:45-14:00

The silver fern, or ponga in Maori, is a species of fern endemic to New Zealand. It is the official symbol of New Zealand and ‘kiwi’ people. After a year of learning in the koru class children will be able to confidently open into ferns during new-sho level (3-4 year old age group) and continue growing physically, emotionally and academically.

Rata Class:ラタクラス(年中)

Kowhai Class:ラタクラス(年中)
ラータの木は 深紅の花が咲き、ニュージーランドの高木で、夏に咲く花として最もよく知られています。ラータクラスの生徒は、年中レベルの期間を通して、ラータの花のような たくましい学習者となられるでしょう。

The rata tree is a vibrant flowering native tree. It is best known for the brilliant red flowers that appear in the summer. Rata class members will be eager growing learners just like the flowers of the rata tree during new-chu level (4-5 year old age group).

Kowhai Class:コファイクラス(年長)

Kowhai Class:コファイクラス(年長)

The kowhai is one of the best-known native trees and unofficial national flower of New Zealand. It is well known for the brilliant yellow flowers that appear in the spring and stand out among forest greenery. Kowhai class members in the final year of preschool nen-cho (5-6 year old age group) will be vibrant learners just like the flowers of the kowhai tree.