Kiwi English School|春日井市のキーウィ英会話スクール



New Zealand Early Years Curriculum in an International Setting


Language and Literacy
At Kiwi English Preschool we will provide students with a holistic positive literacy-learning program providing opportunities that enhance children’s desires to communicate their curiosity about the world around them. At 6 years old the children will be competent readers, writers, and thinkers. Language and literacy time guides support and extend the use of English language in everyday communication.

今年度は生徒に基本的な計算の仕方を教えます。実践的な算数の学習では、熟考された授業方法で、生徒達が全てを習得出来るようになっています。生徒達は道具に触れて問題を実際に確認します。問題を考えだけでなく、解決に導く様々な方法を見つけ出すように指導されます。当校では または、テクノロジーを利用して色々な会話形式の学習法を実践します。

We will utilise a hands-on approach to teach students numeracy skills. A hands-on approach to mathematics enables children to use all learning techniques through well-thought-out lessons. Manipulatives are used so the children can see, touch, explore and solve problems. Students are encouraged to explore different ways to think about mathematical problems, as well as different ways to record their thinking. We will incorporate a variety of interactive learning and technology.


Science/Social Studies
Science and social studies will be incorporated into our daily lessons. There are monthly themes where students will go outside and explore the world around them, provide much-needed visual presentations, go on field trips, and provide many objects for the children to use their five senses. The children will be provided with an opportunity to observe, perform and make conclusions about science experiments.

Math and Reading Workstations



During workstations your child will have a chance to learn independently. Some workstations are play and some are academic. Children will work in a small group with the teacher, while others learn to be independent. Preschoolers need to work on social skills and explore the world around them. This means getting along with others, sharing, and interacting in small groups.